Hirst Wood Burial Ground
The links below will take you to pages about the burial ground and then some of the stories of people buried there Below that is an A-Z index This is very much a work in progress and more links and details will be added If you have information or photos of anyone in the burial ground please email richard.coomber@virginmedia.com
Hirst Wood Burial Ground was opened in 1895 after the churchyard at St Paul’s Church ran out of room. Its creation wasn’t without controversy as it opened the same year as its neighbour, Nab Wood Cemetery, a story told below. Over the years the graveyard has become somewhat damaged and neglected and Hirst Wood Regeneration Group are gradually trying to tidy it up The main purpose of these pages is to put a story to as many of the people buried in there or remembered by their families on gravestones there
Home Page Home Page Home Page Irene Orger Killed by a brewer’s cart at only 22 months old George Nettleton The oldest member of Shipley Fire Brigade John Wood Worked 52 years at the Victoria Works William Brighton Hero of Lucknow Wallace Varley Killed in an horrific accident at work William Bates Pimlott Founder & headmaster Saltaire Grammar School Benjamin Bowen Died after falling off a roof fixing slates Thomas Douthwaite Death of 10m old boy and his mother’s sad story George Layton Died on a tram William Andrews Organ builder, bowler and angler G G I I M M Mc Mc Q Q U U X X Z Z  Dora James Killed in a punting accident on the Thames Arthur Thornton Well-known Saltaire    and Yorkshire cricketer World War I Men killed in WW1 remembered in Hirst Wood Burial Ground World War II Men killed in WW2 remembered in Hirst Wood Burial Ground Why Shipley had two new cemeteries in 1895 Why Shipley had two new cemeteries in 1895 Why Shipley had two new cemeteries in 1895
Although Shipley Council had purchased a 20-acre site at Nab Wood for a new cemetery, Rev Arthur Cribb, vicar of St Paul’s, was not happy
Anyone entering into a grave-yard which is full of gravestones, might pass from one grave to another to read – half out of curiosity, half out of sentiment – the inscriptions recorded on those stones. Let them remember, however, that those inscriptions are evidences that love has lost much which had one time been held dear. Behind them are sad stories of suffering and loss, of agonised moments and the thought that the loved ones who were so dear were their friends no more. From the speech of the Bishop of Ripon at the consecration of Hirst Wood Burial Ground 17 August 1895
The new burial ground is consecrated The new burial ground is consecrated The new burial ground is consecrated
On 17 August 1895, the Bishop of Ripon, attended by a large crowd, consecrated the new cemetery at Hirst Wood
Percy Winter 21 year old student drowned while swimming Lucy Hogwood Five year old girl killed   in a car accident Bould and Buttle A glimpse of family history from three graves