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William Bates Pimlott
Born: 29 March 1860
Died: 26 September 1906
Buried: 29 September 1906
Age: 46
Grave No: A76
Notes: the headstone on the grave also makes mention of W B Pimlott’s son, William Leslie MacLaren Pimlott, Killed in Action 3 April 1918
Regret was expressed on all hands in Shipley yesterday when it became known that on Wednesday night Mr W B Pimlott, MA, Principal of the Saltaire Grammar School, and a former headmaster of the Boys’ High School, Shipley, had passed away. Apart from intimate friends, few people were aware that the deceased had been seriously ill. Mr Pimlott spent the midsummer vacation at Port Lewaigne, near Ramsey, Isle of Man. When he returned home, he was to all appearances in the enjoyment of the best of health. His school opened for the winter term on the 11th. Mr Pimlott followed his usual duties up to Tuesday the 18th. He was in the school during the morning of that day, although he had complained of feeling unwell the previous day. On the Tuesday afternoon his condition was such that it was deemed advisable to call in Dr Selkirk who found him to be suffering from acute laryngitis. The operation of a tracheotomy was performed the following day. After an operation of this character there is always a very great danger of lung complications ensuing and unhappily this proved to be the case with Mr Pimlott. On Wednesday afternoon his condition was recognised to be practically hopeless and at 9.36 p.m. he died. The deceased commenced his career in the teaching profession at a Grammar School in Eccles, near Manchester. He graduated M.A. at London University and was fourth classic of his year. Later he went to Caterham College where he occupied the post of vice-principal. Subsequently he was senior house master at Chelmsford Grammar School and it was from there that he received the appointment of headmaster at the Boys’ high School at Shipley, a post he filled for 13 years. In September 1904 he started a private school under the title of the Saltaire Grammar School. Mr Pimlott was an enthusiast in amateur theatricals and was given a prominent part in the
performances organised by the Bradford Operatic Society. He also founded the Salt Schools Dramatic Society which was the means of providing exhibitions for students whose parents were of slender means.
As a schoolmaster he had a high opinion of the value of athletic training and was a keen advocate of swimming, football, cricket and other manly pastimes. The deceased leaves a widow and one son, for whom the greatest sympathy is expressed. Shipley Times & Express, 28 September 1906 THE FUNERAL A large number of people gathered for the funeral of Mr Pimlott on Saturday 29 September 1906. As well as listing the mourners and many floral tokens, the local paper reported: Prior to the interment a service was conducted at the Shipley Parish Church by the Vicar, Rev A W Cribb, who also officiated at the graveside. Whilst the mourners were assembling in the church, the organist, Mr B Firth, played Mendelsohn’s Funeral March “O, rest in the Lord” and “Lead kindly light”, which was one of the deceased’s favourite hymns. At the close of the service Mr Firth played the “Dead March” in Saul. The remains were enclosed in a coffin of polished pitch pine with brass mountings, the inscription being: WILLIAM BATES PIMLOTT Born March 29th, 1860 Died September 26th, 1906.
Many pupils of the late Mr W B Pimlott have expressed a wish to erect some permanent memorial to show the esteem and affection in which they held their late headmaster. A committee, with officials, has been formed to organise the movement. Old Boys of the Salts Schools who finished their education before Mr Pimlott’s tenure of office have also evinced a desire to join in the memorial and as it was Mr Pimlott who organised the Old Boys’ Association, the help of older generations will be very appropriate. There can be no surer recognition of Mr Pimlott’s influence as ‘guide, philosopher and friend’ to hundreds of boys and men than such a tribute as is now proposed. The testimonial which was presented to Mr Pimlott when he left the Salt Schools was always amongst his most cherished possessions and he had the felicity of possessing similar tributes as the result of his work in other schools before coming to Shipley 15 years ago. Shipley Times & Express 19 October 1906 William Leslie MacLaren Pimlott William Leslie MacLaren Pimlott William Leslie MacLaren Pimlott HIRST WOOD REGENERATION GROUP Hirst Wood Burial Ground base Hirst Wood Burial Ground base Hirst Wood Burial Ground base