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Rev Arthur William Cribb - funeral
The funeral took place on Saturday of the late Rev. A W. Cribb, who for twenty-four years was Vicar of Shipley. A large number of people assembled in the vicinity of the Parish Church, where a service was held prior to the interment at Hirst Wood Cemetery. The service was attended by a considerable number of local clergy, friends of the deceased, and a large body of the general public. As the vicarage is practically contiguous to the church, the coffin was carried from one to the other. The procession of clergy was headed by the verger of the church (Mr.J Hardcastle) and the churchwardens (Mr. F. C. M. S. Rhodes and Mr J H Thornton), who carried their wands of office. The service inside the church was of simple yet impressive character. The pulpit, lectern, choir stalls, and gallery fronts had been draped with black material. Before the arrival of the cortege the organist, Mr. J. E. Moore, played Chopin's "Funeral March." The mourners were preceded by, the clergy and the choir, each member of the latter having a black rosette on his surplice. Reverently standing The congregation reverently remained standing whilst the coffin was borne down the middle aisle and placed on a bier in the chancel. The hymn “There is blessed home beyond this land of woe,” was followed by the chanting of the 90th Psalm, “Lord Thou has been our refuge from one generation to another.” The appointed lesson, I. Corinthians. xv. 20, was read by the Rev. C. Owen French, and the prayers by Rev W Bowker. A short address was given the Rev. J. Piper, an old college friend of the late Vicar, and who, like him, formerly laboured in the mission field of the Far East. He said he had had an unbroken and cherished
friendship with Mr. Cribb for fifty-one years. They were together as students in London, and in their leisure hours were co-workers in religious effort in the Spitalfields district. He (Mr. Piper) was the guest of the late Mr. and Mrs. Cribb in the city of Foochow, China, in February, 1867 and the late Vicar, with his wife and children visited his (Mr. Piper’s) bachelor’s home, as it then was, at Hong Kong 1871. They had met many times since then, especially up to a quarter of a century ago, when they both had charge of London parishes. He blessed God for having given him Arthur William Cribb to be his friend. Spoke Chinese The deceased had considerable linguistic power and spoke Chinese with much clearness. In that great empire he was a very acceptable preacher and teacher. One the greatest things he did was the preparation of a Reference Testament in Chinese, and in that connection especially they might truly say that he, being dead, yet speaketh. Their late Vicar never spent an idle hour. He was a very methodical man as anyone who visited his studv could see from the careful manner in which all documents relating to church matters were arranged. Referring to Mr. Crlbb's labours in Shipley, Mr. Piper said they all knew he had done much good work. Each one of us had failings of one kind or another - there was only one perfect Life. Their sincerest sympathy went out to the bereaved family. Mr. Cribb was a quiet, unostentatious man, a good husband and father, and had left behind him the beautiful fragrance of Christian character. The hymn, “Peace, perfect peace,” was sung, and as the coffin was borne out of the church the choir chanted Nunc Dimittis, “Lord, now lettest Thou Thy servant depart in peace." From the church to the cemetery the wardens and choir again walked in front of the procession.
The service at the graveside was conducted by Archdeacon Cooke, assisted by the Vicar of Bradford and the Rev. J. Piper. The hymn "Abide with me" was sung by the choir. There were many beautiful floral tributes.
Representatives of local gentlemen followed by the wardens.
Procession leaving the vicarage. In front are the verger and wardens followed by the clergy, behind whom are the bearers with the coffin
Choir boys in their surpluses taking part in the procession
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