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Peter Adamson
Hirst Wood Burial Ground base Hirst Wood Burial Ground base Hirst Wood Burial Ground base
Died: 31 May 1957
Buried: 7 June 1957
Age: 32
Grave No: C92
A verdict of ‘accidental death’ was returned by a jury at a Bradford inquest on Thursday, on Peter Adamson, aged 32 years, a tank tester of Park Road, Windhill, who died three days after being involved in a road accident in Otley Road, Shipley, on Friday night, May 31. At an earlier inquest his father had said he had been to visit somebody in Bradford Royal Infirmary and was on his way home when the accident occurred. Miss Patricia B Airey, Maude Avenue, Baildon, said she was driving a car in Otley Road when she saw a man running across the road. Miss Airey said she heard a car which was approaching her, brake but there was an impact between it and the man. The car had its sidelights on.
Witness said she did not consider Otley Road to be well lighted. There were shadows caused by the lighting. Mr Ronald C Hinchliffe, Mayfield Grove, Harrogate, a passenger in the car involved in the accident, said he had a glimpse of somebody running into the side of the car. The car’s windscreen was shattered. P.C. Robert Cooper said he took a statement from the car driver, Richard Metcalfe Warburton, 49 years, garage proprietor, Main Street, Burley in Wharfedale, in which he said his speed was about 25 m.p.h. He had pulled out to overtake a car. After passing that vehicle but before he had pulled back to the nearside he had a split second glimpse of a man who hurried forward and the accident occurred.
Medical evidence was given that Adamson died without recovering consciousness from cerebral haemorrhage following head injuries. He had also sustained leg injuries and had bronchial trouble of some long standing which had adversely affected his chances of recovery. The Coroner, Mr R S Bishop, told the jury that Adamson appeared to have been crossing in a hurry. There was evidence that there was traffic travelling in both directions. No one had suggested the car was travelling at a high speed and in his opinion the driver had little chance of avoiding the accident on the evidence which had been given. Shipley Times & Express 26 June 1957.