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Hirst Wood on the Nile
Saltaire Primary School Year 4 have been working on an Egyptian topic, learning about the life and culture of the Egyptians and the discovery of the various tombs. In art, they looked particularly at the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. They made drawings of animals and sculptures, then developed these into sculptures using card, card tubes, papier mache and acrylic paint. The children worked in groups, discussing their designs & ways to develop their ideas into 3D sculptures. We are very proud of the way they worked together using their knowledge of the Egyptians to make such original, imaginative pieces. Just before Christmas the artwork went on show at Hirst Wood Nature Reserve, especially decorated and marked out by fairy lights for a Mythical Creatures evening. Children followed a trail of hieroglyphics to solve a puzzle...they also looked for & discovered their sculptures hidden in the reserve, using torches.
Click on the thumbnail below to see a larger version of the sculptures
Saltaire Primary School projects Saltaire Primary School projects Saltaire Primary School projects