Above: Artist Sharon Snaylam with the painting made by Saltaire Primary School, Year Five and (below) some of the sketches made by pupils on which it was based.
Hirst Wood Regeneration Group sponsored this artwork as part of their canal bicentenary project funded by Tesco Bags of Help
Above: Cllr Geoff Reid, Lord Mayor of Bradford unveils the painting with help from Junior Mayor. Left: the Lord Mayor, Mayoress, Junior Mayor and Saltaire Primary School Head, Mrs Sally Stoker, admire the painting. Right: the unveiling party with some members of HWRG
“A very welcoming, talented school and a community group who know what they are doing!” Cllr Geoff Reid, Lord Mayor of Bradford
Year Five’s painting brings the story of the canal to life
Year Five of Saltaire Primary School have been using the bicentenary of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal to improve their knowledge of history, nature, their local community, work and art. And one of the results is a brilliant piece of artwork which is going to be displayed at Hirst Lock in October. With local artist Sharon Snaylam, the pupils visited Bingley Five Rise Locks to see how the canal fitted into the landscape and to make sketches. They then had a visit by historian Liz McIvor, who made the outstanding TV series about the history of canals, and she had the pupils spellbound with stories of just what it was like for families living and working on the canal in its early days. Finally the children turned their sketches into a design and painted it ready for when the Kennett comes through Hirst Wood on 16 October, when the school choir will also be performing a special canal song written just for the occasion. The whole school met in the school hall along with parents and members of Hirst Wood Regeneration Group, to see Bradford Lord Mayor, Cllr Geoff Reid, unveil the painting.
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