Biffa Award - Building Communities. Transforming Lives.
Without them there would be no nature reserve in Hirst Wood
Blacks Solicitors LLL of Leeds
Helpful people who have steered HWRG through the maze of legal work associated with the Nature Reserve

HWRG secretary Pauline Bradley-Sharp
talking about the group at Hirst Lock garden
Salts Sports Association clubhouse
Host for HWRG meetings
and with a warm welcome always

Saltaire Village website Saltaire Festival
Something for Everyone

Shipley in WW1
Researching the men who served but also
the home front in Shipley & district 1914-18
Saltaire WW1
Colin Coates's research into the men of Saltaire
who answered the call of duty

Skipton Building Society
Their Grassroots Giving Scheme boosted
our Nature Reserve project
Northern Gas Networks
Co-sponsors of HWRG Jubilee Blossom Orchard

An interesting You Tube video of the war graves in
Hirst Wood cemetery
The local page on West Yorkshire Police website

Contact details for Shipley's
three Green Party councillors
Website of Philip Davies, MP for Shipley

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